Real Issues Deserve Real Talk


Having experienced first-hand the tragedy of investing yourself into therapy, only to be disappointed by the therapist, I know how frustrating it is to start all over again with someone new. That's why I offer free, 20-minute phone consultations for new clients. I want you find the right person for you, even if it's not with me. 


Individual Therapy

When working one-on-one with a client, I want to help you get the most out of your experience. If I am going to ask you to be vulnerable, trust me, and try new things, the least I can do is try to tailor my approach to your needs. If you think that we are a fit, I work collaboratively with you to find realistic solutions for your immediate and long-term goals. If you get the sense I am not a long-term fit, I will help you find someone who might be. If you want help, it should be from the person you genuinely believe will most help you. 

I offer individual services for:

Relational Therapy

Relationships are hard. Whether it's a partnership, friendships, family members, or something in-between traditional categories, more people simply means more feelings and needs to meet. It's just math. Marriage and family counselors are trained to look beyond the individual experiencing the symptom, and into the systems that create the need for the symptom to exist. Even if you bring someone in that you currently enjoy, you get the added benefit of challenging your own assumptions and unique reality with someone who knows you outside of the office. While I integrate relational therapy sessions with individual clients, that is different than selecting me as your relational therapist. For example, when working with parents to uncouple, I look out for the best interest of the relationship, and therefore could not take either parent on as an individual client. If you have any questions, contact me to learn more. 

Marathon Therapy

Traditional therapy models work for a lot of people. Others struggle to get schedules aligned for a weekly appointment, or have an issue that cannot be effectively addressed in the limits of an hour. So what is marathon therapy? Defined by the duration (at least two hours) and relational component (at least two people), this model allows more space and support to address the underlying issue, and does not require a follow-up session. Sessions that follow the marathon model are not covered by insurance. Costs vary by duration, date, and participants. 

All interested parties must either have a referral from a provider at the Calli Institute who thinks you may qualify, or must schedule an intake to ensure an appropriate fit. This interview is roughly one hour, and is billable through certain insurance companies. To find out about your specific insurance company, or self-pay rates, call the Calli Institute at: 763-255-2125. If you have any questions, contact me to learn more. 


I have experience as a group facilitator, addressing a variety of topics and audiences. Most recently, I have lead groups in school and private practice settings. Prior to that, I worked with 10-15 individuals over a 6-8 week period to develop DBT skills, deal with divorce, deal with anger, and parenting issues. When there are new groups to enroll, they will be posted here. The most recent groups offered were:

  • LGBTQIA+ Group Therapy

    • Who: For LGBTQ+ youth, ages 14-18, struggling to find support, community, and balance between mental health and sexual/gender identity.

    • What: A weekly processing group

    • Where: The Calli Institute, Maple Grove

    • When: Rolling groups meet depending on enrollment. This group is currently closed and is not enrolling at this time. Please contact or to get onto a waitlist.

    • Why: Many schools offer a gay/straight alliance or group for students to find community and safety. However, these groups are often limited when it comes to dealing with mental health issues related to being an LGBTQIA+ teen. This group will help individuals process what has been going on intrapersonally, interpersonally, and societally, as well as help parents meet their children's unique needs.

  • College Crash Course

    • Who: Incoming college freshmen who are interested in reducing their fears and anxieties about the transition to college.

    • What: A four-day prep course (3 for students, 1 for parents) to ensure you feel prepared when you walk onto campus, tips and tricks for when you get there, and what to expect when you re-enter home over the holidays.

    • Where: The Calli Institute, Maple Grove

    • When: This group meets at the end of the 2019 school year. Please contact or to get onto a waitlist.

    • Why: Have a million questions you don't know who to ask? Feeling overwhelmed by people asking your majoring? Freaking out about making all new friends or getting a horrible roommate? This group aims to demystify the transition to college, and prepare parents for the new life stage their child has entered.



I have gone before a variety of age-groups in academic, professional, and personal settings to present on a variety of subjects. The most requested topics include:

  • A Crash-Course in Political Correctness: Going beyond cultural competency to reach sustainable relevancy

  • Parenting (Through) Past Conflict: How to move through conflict with your teen or young adult

  • College 101: The pro-tips and pitfalls of transitioning to college (for incoming college freshmen)

To learn more about a specific presentation, or to request a tailored topic, please feel free to contact me directly. 


I started my professional writing career under the mentorship of Andrew Zimmern, professional foodie, who allowed me to intern my final years of high school. Prior to becoming a TV celeb, he was my local hero that reviewed restaurants around town, created recipes, and submitted articles on food and culture in local prints. Since then, I have had opportunities to write original, professional copy for companies like: City Pages,, and The Calli Institute. If you would like to talk about writing services further, feel free to contact me


If you are a professional looking to consult about a specific case, discuss community resources, or wish to collaborate on a project, I'd love to hear about it. Don't hesitate to reach out. Contact me. 


Insurance and Fees

For Therapy Services

Insurance companies accepted:

  • BlueCross and BlueShield

  • Cigna

  • HealthPartners

  • Medicaid /MA

  • PreferredOne

  • UCare

Associated Fees

Individual, family, and couples sessions range from $250 to $150 for those using insurance. I do work on a sliding scale, and do my best to accommodate everyone's unique needs. Self-pay clients are encouraged to call (763) 255-2125 to learn more about out-of-pocket expenses. 

Group Therapy costs depend on the duration and specific group. When new groups are announced, materials covering specific costs will be available to you via and The Calli Institute. 

The Calli Institute accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards. Please call (763) 255-2125 for all other therapy specific billing questions. 



For all other services...

Please call (612) 440-8377 or email to have a proposal for hire drafted.